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Prayer composed for and presented at the dinner/reception for new students and their families, TCU, Summer/Fall 2004

Our lives are full of change and new opportunities, O God.

We pause now to give thanks for these students who are about to begin their incredible new journey at TCU. Teach them how to take advantage of all the opportunities that lie before them as part of the college community and the global community.

We give thanks for the families of these students whose love, support, and commitment helped bring them here to TCU. Comfort them and guide them as they continue to offer their support, perhaps even over long distances.

We give thanks for the faculty and staff at TCU, whose efforts brought us here tonight to eat together. They work to provide a safe place to learn and grow. Accompany every single person on this campus as they journey on in their vocation.

Our lives are full of change and new opportunities, O God.

Remind all of us here tonight of your continuing presence as we remember our current relationships and as we look forward to the new relationships that await us in the coming academic year.


Finals Week Worship - Wesley Foundation, TCU
Lament written as Associate Campus Minister

O Most Holy God, we have learned so much.

But now, God, this sucks!
We are overwhelmed and tired.

Why does everything get dumped on us at once?
We can’t even concentrate anymore.
We desperately need your peace.

Give us some rest, O God!
Take us to a quiet place where we can concentrate.
Get us through this, please!

We know you can.
We’ve seen you do it before.
Let us know you are still with us here at TCU.

O Most Holy God, we have learned so much.
We praise you now and always!

Prayer Written for Tree Lighting Ceremony - Texas Christian University
December, 2006

Holy one and source of all illumination,
we come before you with wonder and delight,
miracles of the holiday season upon us.

We pause to thank you for your Light of life that dwells among us,
bless the holy flames of this tree that in their glow
we may be blessed by your grace and abiding love.

May these lights remind us of your steadfast presence,
May they give us hope in times of darkness,
May they connect us to one another as a campus community.

Bless us and the gifts we bring this evening, that they and we, might reflect the Light of holy season in our daily lives.

With joy and wonder we pray,